what parents & Kids are saying about heart of a champion

leadership + high performance habits = heart of a champion

That’s WHY our Foundation is so passionate about helping Young Athletes.

The HEART OF A CHAMPION is a 2-day event/workshop to give you and your kids the MINDSETS, SKILL SETS, KNOWLEDGE & RESOURCES

why do some kids thrive in

sports &

while other kids struggle?

It all starts with the LEADERS.

The heart of the champion
starts with the

heart of a Leader

it starts with you

Whether you’re a PARENT, COACH, FAMILY MEMBER OR MENTOR you play the most significant role in the development of the NEXT GENERATION. 

This event isn’t just about educating and training the young athletes. It’s educating and training the LEADERS who have more time involved with the youth.

As a strength and conditioning coach and Personal Trainer I would get a lot of parents asking me to train their kids and teach them exercise, nutrition, mindset and becoming more athletic. I loved every minute of it. I actually loved coaching more than I did playing.

It was very fulfilling and rewarding. I tried to be the combination of all my favorite coaches and portray less of the coaches I didn’t like.

What I started to notice over the years is that the parents most involved with the process, the ones who took it upon themselves to lead their kids and take interest into understanding the process had some of the best and biggest transformations with their kids.

It became so apparent after time that I refused to help a kid unless the parent or another family leader was involved in the process.

transform generations

This event will transform GENERATIONS. I hope to see you at this event and I also hope you invite others to be a part of our MOVEMENT TO: THE NEXT GENERATION.

Creating HEARTS OF CHAMPIONS starts with the heart of a LEADER

be inspired. be next gen.

the world needs you.

travis brady

how do we inspire them to start?


Make no mistake… The success of our youth starts with the leadership of their greatest influences.

What’s the main reason you want your kids to play sports?

Have fun? Exercise? Learn Life Lessons? Play At The Next Level? Leadership? Team skills?

For most dedicated parents it’s all of them.


We need to be committed to being the best leaders for their success just as we ask them to be the best leaders for their success.


Personally for me as a father… I’m not f***to allow my son to give in to the mediocrities of the world because it’s convenient and easy.

This creates a youth that isn’t able to handle the realities of life. WE as leaders need to OWN the ROLE… Otherwise we are leaving the leadership up to other harsh realities of the world.


The TRUTH of it is… there is becoming a bigger and bigger gap in our society in performance, mindset, knowledge, and these things they learn while they are young transfers to them as adults in BUSINESS, RELATIONSHIPS, HEALTH & OVERALL HAPPINESS.

Kids are getting involved with the wrong teams and influences.

Teen suicide is up. Drug use is up. Violence is up. Teens are depressed and disconnected.

The youth have sticky and moldable minds and do not have the abilities like adults do to be gatekeepers of their own mind.


talent vs heart

We are called upon as LEADERS more so than ever before to be leaders for our youth. 

A NEXT GEN LEADER is always improving themself as a LEADER for the world.

Parents and coaches that get their kids and team exposed to the latest trends of EXERCISE SCIENCE, NUTRITION, MINDSET, LEADERSHIP, & PERFORMANCE HABITS are the ones WINNING

Also they have an easier time 

Tom Brady is a perfect example of TALENT VS HEART

called to leadership


bronson kaufusi

Bronson Kaufusi graduated in Statistics from Brigham Young University and played both football and basketball there. Served a 2 year service mission in Auckland, New Zealand. Drafted in the 3rd round in 2016 to the Baltimore Ravens and has been with the Jets and Packers.


Keaton Hoskins a.ka. “The Muscle” from the reality show Diesel Brothers on Discovery channel. He has started and owned 12 million dollar companies from gyms to dental offices, he owns a very successful nutrition company 1 mission nutrition, and also the big fitness expo FitCon.

ron mcbride

Ron McBride is served as the head coach at the University of Utah from 1990 to 2002 and at Weber State University from 2005 to 2011. Coach Mac led the Utes to the 1992 Copper Bowl, the program’s first bowl appearance in 28 years. He took the Utes to six bowl games during his tenure.

amanda brady

Amanda Brady, Mrs Utah American 2022. She is co-owner of Brady Insurance Marketing. Amanda produces and hosts her podcast, Be the Good. She also is the creator of the weekly #BetheGoodChallenge.

rob molling

Robert Molling is the Founder of 1% Fitness. He is often referred to as the “fit food dude”. For 10 years he has been disrupting the fast-food industry and making healthy meals that are tasty, convenient, and fast.

michael mcknight

Michael McKnight is a professional ultra marathoner and coach. He is the first person to win all three 200 mile races. He set course records at each race and was the 1st person to run 100 miles without consuming calories.

nick donnelly

Coach Nick has trained hundreds of athletes, which mostly include Division I FBS football players, NFL All-Pros and first round draft selections. Nick holds a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology and is certified as both a CSCS & NSCA.

allen lafferty

Allen has had 35 year career as a film & TV producer, writer & designer. worked on over 40 feature films and television productions in Hollywood. Today his passion is in creating uplifting content for film and television in Utah.

bailee Lucas

Bailee is a USRA class champion, automotive detailer, leader, and influencer. Bailee believes in hard work and dedication to be successful and hopes to share her story to help others fight through adversity.

chris schlierman

Chris is the head of ops at Nouri, an event management platform, and is an athlete turned businessman with 10 years working in sports and tech and is a volunteer youth basketball coach.

gina magana

Gina plays for the Utah Falconz all Women’s professional football team. She plays running back, kick return and defensive back. In 2021, Gina received league MVP. In 2022 she made team USA and won a gold medal.

jason Haugen

Jason is the Founder & CEO of the Haugen RV Group a $100m business located across several states. Jason and his wife Mykell created the “Haugen Family Foundation” a charity giving back to single parents, children, and veterans.

lizzy palmatier

Lizzy is an advocate for accessible mental health resources and education. Her volunteer work includes being a Court Appointed Special Advocate for children and an ambassador of Children’s Miracle Network.

pamla barrett

Pamla Barrett is the owner of Vortex Volleyball Club and F5 Athletics in Syracuse, Utah. She is a serial entrepreneur by trade and humanitarian at heart. Pam has been working with youth for over two decades.

ryan flint

Ryan Flint, president and head of real estate at Haugen RV Group, a commercial real estate principal and entrepreneur, highly sought-after keynote speaker, and one of the most decorated and followed executives in the country.